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Hi, my name is Dax and my sister (sitting in front of me) is Xena. Xena is the spokesdog for LocaLHomeSpot.com and I am the Paw-prentice. I've been working closely with the crew at LocaL Home Spot and have now taken on my first solo project - Dax's Dog Spot.

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Dax and I have Moved and Dax's Dog Spot has a new home!

You may have noticed that LocalHomeSpot is not showing any new blogs by Dax, my Golden Retriever. That is because all new blog posts are now located at  Evelyn M Interiors under the Evelyn M's Design Blog tab.

I may have restructured and moved to a new location but all upcoming articles in their new home will be just as interesting and informative as before and Dax’s Dog Spot will now be under a subheading simply called the Dog Spot.

Did you know I also now have a Cat Corner? Please join me in my new location and please join me on my new Facebook page as well, see you soon.




7 Designer Dog Bowls; Ceramic - Marble – Chalkboard & more

Humans that live with dogs know that dog accessories are an important part of any interior décor. Luckily there are plenty of designer dog bowls from ceramic to marble – chalkboard to even a faux DJ station that can help us achieve the look we desire from classy to fun, traditional to contemporary, neutral and soft to bold and colourful.

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Get Out Dog Lamp by Clotilde Neveu and Julien Cantais for ENOstudio

These super fun Get Out Dog Lamps are a flat pack design made from mdf and a light bulb with chord. Designed by Clotilde Neveu and Julien Cantais for ENOstudio they are a fun, whimisical take on what us dogs look like and even better the electrical chord reminds me of a dog leash.

6 Orbee Tuff Produce Dog Toys by Planet Dog can be stuffed with Dog Treats

It’s harvest season so these 6 different Orbee Tuff Produce Dog Toys by Planet Dog really caught my eye. I love harvest season as Xena and I get to hang out in the garden with mom. It’s more fun in the garden at this time of year as its cooler and Xena and I can play like crazy while mom harvests her produce and when her and dad eat their produce, Xena and I can eat the dog treats stuffed into the Orbee Tuff produce – pup-tacular!

Camp Cloon Outdoor Clothing for Dogs and a Tepee Too!

A homage to mountaineering nostalgia, the Expedition Apparel line of clothing is outdoor clothing for dogs inspired by the Canadian frontier and since I’m Canadian I’m kind of partial to this paw-some Camp Cloon outdoor clothing for dogs and did you know they make a Tepee too!

Whatshisname POPek Red Balloon Dogs with a Twist – Pun Intended

The POPek Red Balloon Dogs take the child friendly balloon dog imagery and ups the street vibe with a little something extra. These balloon dogs don’t stand tall and proud but rather squat in an everyday common pose for us pooches. In a large 4ft tall version and a much smaller 12cm tall version these balloon dogs come with a twist – pun intended!

8 Vegetable Dog Toys by P.L.A.Y. are Harvest Worthy

My humans have been eating a lot of corn lately so these super fun corncob dog toys by P.L.A.Y. instantly caught my eye. They are one of a set of 3 farm fresh plush dog toys, which is a follow up to their 5 garden fresh plush dog toys all of which I’ve featured below and all of which follow the same quality standards for manufacturing human infant and child products.

Art Show for Dogs by Dominic Wilcox – The First Ever!

All humans know that dogs have discerning tastes so why not curate an art show just for us? That is exactly what Dominic Wilcox did with his interactive art show called The Play More Exhibition. It includes everything from wall art to floor installations revolving around everything dogs find irresistible.

Architecturally Designed MDK9 Dog Haus by Rah Design

There are doghouses and then there is the architecturally designed Dog Haus by Rah Design. MDK9 Dog Haus is everything a doghouse should be and so much more. Featuring wood, concrete, steel and comfy cozy dog bedding, MDK9 Dog Haus offers the best of everything.

The Mighty Dog Waste Bag Dispenser by Ototo

Xena and I have free roam of our human’s property and when we go for a walk with them usually we have already taken care of our business per say, but sometimes mother nature calls and we have to do our business. That’s when Mighty Dog can come to the rescue!

Hands Free Retractable Dog Leash by Lishinu

When mom takes Xena and me into town on a leash – because that’s the bylaw - she doesn’t have any hands free. There’s two of us and she only has two hands but with a hands free dog leash her hands would be free to do other things like pet us! The Lishinu dog leash is not only hands free, but retractable as well so she can give us as much or as little slack as the situation requires.

Mr. Dog Marble Water Bowls with FDA approved Food Safe Sealant

Aside from being organic and beautiful, marble is a great insulator. It is for the insulative qualities that Mr. Dog designed and created their marble water bowl in black or white. It keep’s a dog’s water cool for longer and also doesn’t tip over as easily when us pooches aren’t paying attention. Of course in my opinion, it’s usually the humans that manage to kick our water bowls over- just sayin - but either way the gorgeous Mr. Dog Marble Water Bowl stays upright all the time and that’s a good thing but even better – the Mr. Dog Marble Water Bowls are finished in an FDA approved food safe sealant!

Miniature Custom Embroidered Dog Portraits by Kathy Halper – So Cute!

Obviously I love everything dog and especially dog portraits, that said who wouldn’t love these cute miniature dog portraits that are embroidered by Kathy Halper?

Scout & About Outdoor Dog Collection by P.L.A.Y. for Fun, Relaxation and More

There’s nothing like being in the great outdoors for exercise, fun or even a power snooze. You just can’t run around inside like you can outside when you get thirsty the Scout & About collapsible drink container is paw-fect, as are the P.L.A.Y outdoor dog beds. The Scout and About outdoor dog collection by P.LA.Y. really does make outdoor fun totally awesome and outdoor relaxation the absolute best!

10 Outdoor Dog Beds from Loungers to Sleeping Bags for 10 Completely Different Occasions

Where our humans go we go to and when humans are hanging out in the great outdoors – even if that is simply relaxing on a deck, we want to be there too. Luckily there are all sorts of ouitdoor dog beds that us pooches can relax in from deck loungers to sleeping bags, or in the above photo, cooling off in a pool.

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