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Sitting Bull Long Chair, Picasso’s Bull’s Head, & Trophy Bull

Sitting_Bulls_-_Evelyn_M_design_findSitting Bull Long Chair

Sitting Bull Long Chair epitomizes to me the need to know the inspiration behind a painting, sculpture, furniture or building. To know the process from the eureka moment to the end result with all the twists and turns the piece took is to truly appreciate the end result. While I don’t know the trials and tribulations that went into the piece, the inspiration behind it is as surreal as you can get, especially when you compare the finished piece to the catalyst for the creation. The photograph by French photographer Gregory Tachet shows a portrait of a person and a bull. The name of the person is “Sitting Bull” – I can just see the light bulb turn on and blast brilliant rays of electricity throughout the creative conduits of Swiss designer Isle Phippaz’s brain. What a moment.

Made of steel (the head) and acrylic stone (the horns) the piece is designed for either indoor or outdoor use. The long chair was manufactured by B2E Artisans du Design for Kil Codig in Switzerland.  Each horn can hold a person up to 200 kg. The horns can be detached for easy transportation and each long chair comes in a wide choice of colour finishes – including cow pattern fabric for the head. An integrated sound system at the headrest is also an option.

The folks at Kil Codig love the duality of the Sitting Bull Long Chair and have decided to use it as the ambassador for their brand. The creator of the Sitting Bull Long Chair, Isle Phipaz loves being a designer and loves the quote by Albert Camus “to create is to live twice”, for her it is also to live more intensely.

The Bull’s Head Long Chair is not the first or last time a Bull’s Head will be used in design, two other favourites of mine are the Bull’s Head created by Picasso in 1942 and the Trophy Bull Wild Bicycle Holder by Outline Works.

PabloPicasso-Bulls-Head-1943Picasso’s Bull’s Head

A truly inspiring sculpture, it is the first “found” or “junk” art piece to have been created. Made out of a bicycle seat and handle bars it is one of my all-time favourite works of art because no one had ever used everyday objects to create sculpture before. Yes, it is a simple piece, but that’s the genius of it. These days the concept of junk or found art is everywhere so it is hard to believe that there was a time that it simply was not done and that it took a novel and unique person to present to the world its possibilities. Picasso was that individual and he did it during World War II in 1942, when he lived in occupied France. Dave Moulton said it best in his blog “So many times I have heard people say of Picasso’s work, “I could have done that.” But the point is, they didn’t.”

Trophy_Bull_-_Evelyn_M_design_findTrophy Bull Wild Bicycle Holder

The Trophy Bull by Outline Works in the UK is one of the more recent Bull’s Head pieces that is a winner for me. The steel and soft plastic bicycle holder is whimsy at its best. It comes in a myriad of colours from Jersey Yellow, to Royal Purple and was the “Winner of Best Product” award at Home London, 2013. The inspiration behind this piece had to have been Picasso’s Bull’s Head – in reverse. Instead of the bicycle becoming the bull, the bull holds the bicycle. Love it. I also love the fact that something so utilitarian can be as beautiful when not in use as it is when “occupied”. The folks behind the Trophy Bull wanted to create a bike holder that didn’t look like it belonged in your garage, and I think it's safe to say they succeeded in their goal. Oh, if you don’t want a Trophy Bull, it also comes in a Trophy Deer.