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18 Indoor Ventless Ethanol Fireplaces for Modern Homes

Ventless Ethanol Fireplaces are a way to add fire to a home that doesn’t have a chimney. Aside from offering real heat, the modern designs of Ethanol fireplaces are also sculpturally beautiful and since they are ventless they can be positioned anywhere.

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Cathy Azria Sculptural Metal Fireplace Grills for Indoors and Outside

Cathy Azria is a metal sculptor who has taken her innate ability to create unique abstract and representational 3D forms to the next level by producing something completely functional without compromising her artistic aesthetic. Cathy’s sculptural metal fireplace grills are gorgeous and can be adapted to the outdoors in both small and large scale

Villa in Monteriggioni is a 15th Century Home Modernized by CMTarchitects

Located in Tuscany, Italy, the Villa in Monteriggioni is a fifteenth century farm villa that is thought to have been designed and built by Baldsarre Peruzzi, a famous Sienese painter and architect that worked in the area at the time. It is now a private home that has been modernized without loosing its original fifteenth century charm thanks to CMTarchitects.

Opiary Imperial Collection for the Garden combines Moss & Sculpture

Opiary has created a whole line of different cement sculpture and furniture that have pockets for moss or other plants to grow in but it is their Imperial Collection of sculpture for the garden (or house) that really gets the imagination going.

Hotel Oasis Collection by David Mendez Alonso puts the fun into Functional Furniture

Hotel Oasis Collection by David Mendez Alonso was created in collaboration with Lafede Studiostore to include such ideograms such as eyes, hands, leaves and triangles; with the imagery portrayed in such a way as to put the fun back into furniture.

Black Interiors Featured in Historic Paris Apartment by Iryna Dzhemesiu and Vitaly Yurov

Black is a bold choice for wall colour – especially within a historic Paris apartment that features complex original details. Not ones to stick with the tried and true choice of white, Iryna Dzhemesiu and Vitaly Yurov show here why black interiors in historic apartments are awesome.

Creative Outdoor Garden Lighting; 15 Inspired Designs

The trend in design is to extend the living space from indoor to outside and while easy to do during the day what about the evenings? The simplest answer is to include outdoor garden lighting into your landscape and while a few simple lights will do the trick, creative lighting makes your outdoor garden that much more exciting. The following 15 inspired designs are not only exciting but artistic as well.

Stepped Rooftop Gardens by Vo Trong Nghia Maximizes Green Space

Located in the coastal city Nha Trang, Vietnam, is a lush stepped roof top garden design by Vo Trong Nghia in partnership with Masaaki Iwamoto. The multiple rooftop gardens are a continuum of the green space found both outside at ground level and within 4 courtyards inside the residence. The family that lives in this innovative home loves gardening and the large, stepped rooftop maximizes the green space available to them.

Peter Sandback Inlaid Furniture Patterns created with Nails

Lucky for us nails come in all sorts of sizes and widths allowing Peter Sandback to create his intricate inlaid furniture patterns not just with painstaking detail but with a variety of dot sizes based on various nail diameters.

Modern Student Quarters with Blackboard Ceiling by LYCS Architects

Students spend a lot of time studying and whether online or buried in a book, the idea of looking up and seeing individualized creativity on the ceiling via a wall to wall chalkboard seems like a great way to have some fun without loosing focus. This great idea comes from the creative minds at LYCS Architects and is located at Campus Hong Kong in the Tsuen Wan district.

Jimmie Martin Manikin Floor Lamps rock a Bespoke Artsy Vibe

Jimmie Martin creates a whole line of one off designer furniture, lighting and home ware but its these wildly exciting bespoke Manikin Floor lamps that can really light up a room’s interior design! The bold artsy vibe of these Manikin lamps runs the gammot of shaded, exposed lights, seated, standing, male and female – each individually painted in a wide array of modern styles.

Furniture Designs from the Wildly Creative Mind of Vedat Ulgen

While Vedat Ulgen furniture designs have a distinctly avante garde appearance – thanks to his wildly creative mind – they are still functional, easy on the eye furniture designs that would be perfectly at home in any contemporary interior.

Loft is Loft by MARTINarchitects is filled with Creative Design Details

From the moment you enter Loft is Loft, located in Kieve, Ukraine and designed by MARTINarchitects it is obvious that this is no ordinary loft. The Red entry door travels down a short hallway before leading to the kitchen ahead or to the living space on the right. Directly past the kitchen is a uniquely designed dining room with a living green wall and a chalk Buddha. The creative design details are just everywhere!

Suspension Furniture by Robby Cuthbert designed using Opposing Forces

Made without screws, glue or nails, the Contour Table within the suspension furniture collection by Robby Cuthbert is designed to stay together by tension. For example, all the cables within this Contour Table, pass through the legs to create opposing forces that disallow the pair of support legs which don’t touch each other, from collapsing.

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