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We began work on LocaL Home Spot.com in 2009. It is designed to bring together online the many businesses working in the housing industry in Campbell River including contractors, realtors, developers, suppliers and maintenance people. Through B.C. Barris Agency, LocalHomeSpot.com has an in-house graphic design studio and a team that includes an Advertising executive and Media Co-ordinator, a Graphic/Creative Designer, a Photographer, a Graphic Designer/Programmer, a Website host and Site Programmer, a Copywriter, a Marketing Sales Associate and finally Xena, the official "Spokes-dog", her personal assistant, Dax the "Paw-prentice" and Bear, our office and site "Security Pawtrol". For more information on the services we provide, please go to the Advertise with us tab.


BC Barris Agency:

B.C. (Bruce) Barris is an advertising executive and the owner of B.C. Barris Agency in Campbell River. This business was originally conceived in 2008 and began operations in 2010 (British Columbia Registrar). B.C. Barris Agency is a full service media agency primarily engaged in creating advertising campaigns, developing and implementing websites as well as media communications. For more information on the services offered please go to the Advertise with us tab.



Media & Advertising Co-ordinator

Bruce Barris

Campbell River, B.C.

Bruce has a background in media and advertising, mainly from sports marketing. He loves "creative" advertising and is responsible for the Xena the Spokesdog concept. He can put together an Advertising Media Plan from brand strategy to media buying. His motto is "We Don't Do Average."


Creative Design; Site Manager; Marketing

Evelyn M.

Campbell River, B.C.

Evelyn is an Interior Designer and artist. She also has a background in graphic and creative design. She has been involved in marketing for World Cup Triathlons and was the creative behind A&B Sound print marketing for 3 years. The look of LocaL Home Spot.com is her vision from concept and layout to logo and ad designs. Evelyn also writes her Evelyn M Home and Garden blog for us, as well as an Island Design blog for IslandWoman and a DesignH blog for DesignHouseBC


Graphic Design; Photography

Gabriele Chaykowski

Black Creek, B.C.

Gabriele studied Graphic Design in Germany before moving to Canada and eventually settling down in Black Creek. With a background as both an Art Director and Photographer, she has taken care of the design and print advertising for Rogers Video for over 8 years. Gabi has also been an Art Director for magazines and books working with both the publishers as well as the writers. Gabriele creates our advertising and takes care that our client's ads will sell their products while looking great!


Web Design

Gilles Toupin

Gilles Toupin has been designing web sites for over 10 years for businesses and non-profits from Vancouver to Campbell River. Aside from designing websites he also teaches website design as well as 3D animation. With a BA in Music and a MDDE (Master Degree in Distance Education), he has an extensive background in computer technology and Web Design. Through BC Barris Agency and LocaLHomeSpot.com, Gilles will be assisting you in making the right choices for your business. All our sites use CMS software that will allow you to connect to your site and make regular changes yourself.


Official "Spokesdog"


Campbell River, B.C.

Xena is a very talented Golden Retriever and the "official" spokes dog for LocaL Home Spot. Sitting still to get her picture taken is not her strong suit but fetching sticks, chasing frisbees, swimming, loving everybody and making people smile are her specialties.


Official "Pawprentice"


Campbell River, B.C.

Dax is an enthusiastic new addition to the LocaL Home Spot team. She is eager to learn as much as she can and follows Xena wherever she goes. So far she has mastered a few tricks and is eager to try out her new skills with all our new clients. We think she might make the perfect receptionist, although her typing skills are far from pawfict.


Official "Cyber Retriever"


Campbell River, B.C.

Bayou is a hip and happening Airedale Terrier who specializes in LocaL Home Spot's techy stuff. He helps his dad, "Gilles" (our website technician) retrieve information from cyberspace, then use it to sort out programming glitches by quietly listening to him and finally, reminding Gilles to get some fresh air and exercise by doing what dogs do best, taking us humans by the leash and going outdoors for a much needed therapeutic break under the guise of "walkies".


Official "Security Pawtrol"


Black Creek, B.C.

Bear is a beautiful rescue dog from the SPCA. He has been given the important task of security pawtrol for the LocaL Home Spot team and site. He is always ready to keep wildlife at bay and protect the team's toys (although he loves to share them with Xena's crew). He regularly pawtrols the forest near the LHS offices (with the team) and makes sure the areas are safe for walkies and play.