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Painting Panache

X Marks the Headboard Wall

An earthquake does not have to be the “big one” to cause damage and there are some things we should -or should not be doing to minimize that potential damage. One thing we should NOT be doing is hanging anything breakable above our beds. In an earthquake it is very common for pictures to “jump” off of their hooks and crash onto the floor. If the picture is above your bed it will most likely come crashing down onto your forehead (OW) and then fall flat onto your face and break (BIGGER OW). A great alternative to hanging art or wallpapering is to paint your headboard wall with a striking graphic that can be tied into your colour scheme and enhance the overall look of the room. Irene’s bedroom had a symmetrical layout which lent itself to this really cool criss cross pattern. The two colours where pulled from the colours already used in the room.

Green with Enviable Floor Squares

Kay wanted a green checkerboard floor for her kitchen in her summer cottage on Cortes Island. The only problem was that nothing in the home was squared off and the angle of the cabinets created by the two exterior walls was so askew it would have been impossible to lay tile or lino in a checkered pattern – but that’s what she wanted. The solution to the problem was to lay high-grade plywood on the floor, fill the seams, prime, paint white and then draw lines with a slight angle that intersected into -what appears to be a square pattern. The perfect squares are just an illusion, each line is angled just enough so that all the squares line up with the cabinetry and the walls. In fact these are not squares but rather quadrilaterals (all four sides are at a different angle).

This is an excerpt from an article written by Evelyn M through Design House for Island Woman.  To read the complete article click here.