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Staging Your Entry

Porch Perfect

Home Staging is not difficult to understand but it can be hard for a homeowner to implement. The premise is that when you sell your home you are selling a product. Retail businesses know a well-designed storefront draws far more people into their business and more money is spent then otherwise. It is the same for your home, and as in retail, it starts before the potential purchaser is inside. Creating a beautiful vignette at the entrance to your home will automatically intrigue – and relax – the public. They will start the process of viewing “their” potential home in good spirits. This does not mean a home seller must spend a lot of money. A clean entrance with a welcoming vignette is all that is needed. Money spent can be on items that go with the homeowner after the sale. If you are unsure how to go about “staging” your home, most designers offer various consultation packages to help you

Fabulous Foyers

Entryways are forgotten places. Shoes piled up by the door, a mess of coats in a closet or on a coat rack. For your every day life this might work, but when staging your home for resale, do not underestimate the importance of a clean and functional Foyer. Don’t forget that your home is now a product and the public will have a critical eye. If you have already created a beautiful vignette at the exterior entrance to your home, don’t disappoint your potential homebuyer as soon as they step inside. A clean, uncluttered entrance that gives your visitor a place to put their shoes, coat, umbrella, parcels, etc. while they tour your home will keep them at ease. That “I could live here” feeling is your goal. Add to the vignette a mirror for guests to check themselves when they are ready to leave and they will exit your home feeling happy and looked after.

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